2020 went off to hopeful note. The start of a new decade, a fresh start but as we all know the “Happy New Year” greetings were swiftly replaced with, “hope you’re staying safe” and we couldn’t go a day without hearing the phrase, “unprecedented times.” We stayed home, became quiz masters over Zoom and sadly closed our doors for 12 weeks, which meant our lovely patients weren’t able to access essential dental care and routine hygiene appointments. Whether you see our hygienists, Jo and Ellie, regularly or have a habit of delaying your appointment, here are 4 reasons to prioritise your hygienist visit now that we’re back open.

Mouth MOT

We wouldn’t blame you if you formed snack-related lockdown habits and sneaking to the kitchen between Zoom meetings for a biscuit. Habits are easy to form but harder to break and you might find yourself still thieving biscuits before your housemate or family notice. Oral hygiene habits may have also slipped during this time and even if you did keep up as best you could, some areas in the mouth can be difficult to reach.

Our hygienists give your mouth a full detox – getting rid of plaque build-up and tartar in awkward areas and removing stains obtained from the endless cups of coffee and red wine that helped us get through lockdown! Jo and Ellie are also able to spot potential problems, such as gum disease and tooth decay so they can help you nip the problem in the bud.

Stress during lockdown

Stress can affect our general health and wellbeing and occasionally this can appear in our daily habits, without us even noticing. Teeth grinding can give you tension headaches, jaw aches and can also wear down your enamel. Hygienists can spot the first signs of stress in the mouth and can advise on tension relieving exercises and custom-made mouth guards to help prevent and protect your teeth.

Mouth cancer screening

Jo and Ellie screen for mouth cancer at EVERY appointment, which is highly curable if detected early. Therefore, attending appointments regularly is potentially life-saving. If your appointment got cancelled during lockdown and you haven’t managed to reschedule it yet, make sure not to delay your hygienist visit any longer!

Wellness and self-care

It’s important to remember to look after yourself during a pandemic and take time to help you feel the best version of yourself. This can be different for everyone, for some it’s reading a book, an at home workout or finally going for a haircut, however getting that fresh, squeaky clean teeth feeling after a visiting the hygienist is truly universal.

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