One of the most popular cosmetic treatments, here at Sea Street Dental, is teeth whitening. Whitening your teeth can transform your smile and confidence but unfortunately, like the rest of your body, your teeth need continuous upkeep. If you’ve invested in professional whitening treatment, make sure to protect and maintain your bright, white smile with these tips. 

Brush and floss your teeth

Let’s start with the basics. Brushing your teeth, twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, and cleaning between your teeth will prevent plaque and tartar build-up. As tartar is porous, and food and drink can easily stain it and the deposits, which often settle in between teeth, appear yellow or brown. Ensuring that all plaque (which when left turns to tartar) is removed, is a must to preserving that white smile.

Time to stop smoking

Not only does smoking harm your oral health, but it also stains your teeth yellow, undoing the work of your treatment. We recommend quitting smoking not only to improve your health but to also ensure the effects of whitening treatment last as long as possible.

Stain-causing food & drink

Consume highly pigmented food and drink, for example turmeric-based curries, berries, coffee, tea in moderation. If you can’t resist, help minimise staining by drinking a glass of water afterwards, drinking beverages through a straw to avoid contact with your teeth and brushing your teeth 40 minutes after eating or drinking.

See our hygienist for regular professional cleans

Our hygienists will remove any tartar and buff and clean your teeth, keeping them bright, white, and stain-free.

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